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Vizsla Information and Links


As wonderful as we believe Vizslas are, they are not the right breed for every person.  Vizslas are high-energy and often demanding dogs that require considerable care, exercise and attention.  If you are considering bringing a Vizsla into your life, please carefully evaluate whether your lifestyle is such that it can and will afford a Vizsla all of the activity, training and exercise it requires from its early days as a puppy to its senior years.  


Take the time to read as much as you can about the breed and look for opportunities -- through regional Vizsla clubs, Vizsla breeders, at dog shows and field events, etc. -- to meet Vizslas as you evaluate what breed of dog is right for you.  We strongly suggest that you meet with and talk to reputable and experienced Vizsla breeders -- of which there are many -- and not only meet their dogs, but have an honest and frank discussion about the breed's needs and the life that you are prepared to give a Vizsla.  And, focus more on selecting the right breeder -- an experienced and knowledgable one who you believe will provide you with direct support and mentoring throughout the life of your dog, who can demonstrate that they breed responsibly with the utmost attention to the health, temperament and physical conformation of the dog, and who conduct appropriate health screenings for their dogs, particularly those required by the Vizsla Club of America -- than you do on selecting a particular puppy.      

The links below are to web sites and pages that we believe may serve as good resources in learning more about our special breed and the activities they love.



Conestoga Vizsla Club (serving MD, DE, VA and PA)

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